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  • Using the word processor.
  • Languages supported.
  • File export utility.

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jasminder singh Senior editor

Baraha is a multilingual word processor which supports most of the Indian languages. Baraha is designed for text working, web pages (HTML) development and emailing any word processed file. Baraha can export any file as text file (ANSI), text file (Unicode), RTF, HTML, BMP, GIF, JPG and Braille ASCII file (BRF) for further use.
Full screen view, page layouts, printing support and insert options are same as other famous word processors like Microsoft Word. Baraha may have most of it inherited from the history, but it is still different from the others because of its support for all the Indian languages like, Punjabi, Hindi, Kannada, Devanagari, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Bengali and Oriya from the south-Indian languages. Baraha exports any text file as image file so anybody can use the file without installing the related fonts.

Key Features:
- Support for all the Indian languages.
- All the functions of a well working word processor.
- File export utility for RTF, HTML, BMP, GIF, JPG and Braille file formats for emailing and other use.
- Hyperlink utility for professional web development.
- It's totally free.


  • Very simple to use free multilingual word processor for creating text files or web pages.


  • None.

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  All comments (8)
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    Guest 6 months ago

    How can I get an older version like 8.0? It keeps downloading 10.10 and requiring a trial key if I want to use it for free.

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    prajna rohit 7 months ago

    It's cool as it's helping me out in my projects.

  • 1
    Guest 2 years ago

    This is the best software that I have come across for typing in Hindi. It used to be 100% free before. But now they are selling it, which is not bad. I would recommend it to everybody.